50 States in a Year

Have you ever gotten into your car and felt the urge to just drive? No destination, no timeline, just you, the radio and the open road? That was me the other day and in that moment, I was fighting that urge to just go when the idea popped into my head. Like this was exactly what I needed.


Take 1 year and visit all 50 states.


It won’t be easy to pull off, but with friends who live all over the country plus experience planning tours for bands, I think it’s possible. Not easy, but possible.


I know I can do anything I set my mind to and for some crazy reason, this just feels right.


Within a day of coming up with the idea I had a spreadsheet with all 50 states, friends I knew in each state (hello couch crashing!) and a few ideas of something I’d like to see in each state. This was no exhaustive list by any means but it was a start.


I spoke to a few friends about the idea and how I could pull it off. A part of me felt like while this is very much an opportunity for me to write, explore and LIVE, it could also be a great way to give back! I have so many passions in life (fitness, healthy-living, music, just to name a few) and what better opportunity to support charities that are in-line with some of my passions?


I can’t quite tell you how I’m going to pull this off but I’m starting the process and slowly but surely, I’m starting to figure it out. It’s with your help, your support and your ideas, that I believe this is possible. We can do amazing things when we come together as a community so while a part of this may have started with the idea for a crazy trip, it quickly turned into so much more…I hope you’ll join me as we see where this can and does go.

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  1. Samantha – met u a Popeye’s really cool what u guys r taking on and the goals u have set. Good luck on ur trip u should b proud of what u already accomplished! when u cut thru Illinois/chicago area keepin touch

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