About Ready

At what point do you take an idea and put it into action?

At what point do you take that risk, drop every fear and take the biggest leap of faith of your life?

At what point do we start seeing the puzzle pieces falling together instead of feeling like other pieces are falling apart?

At what point do we know that the timing is right and that it’s now or never?


I sit here to tell you that we may never know the answers. We may never know when it’s the right time. And we may never feel like it’s safe to take that risk. But it’s not about timing, it’s about action, it’s about belief and it’s about doing everything you can to pursue your dreams and live the life that’s waiting for you.


It’s about being ready for that.


I sit here to tell you that I am about ready. I’m about ready to take that leap and as the puzzle pieces start coming together, even just the smallest ones, I feel like I’m on the right track. I feel like I’m getting closer to making this a reality. Closer to giving myself the craziest, yet most exciting year of my life. Closer to giving back to some amazing charities who are doing some wonderful things for our communities. I’m getting closer.


But I can’t do it alone. This is where I let you know that I’ve set up the page to help make this journey a reality. To help us give back to these charities. I hope you’ll join me on this mission, on this journey and the start of something that I believe has potential to be huge!


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