What Is 50 States In A Year?

Things may have been quiet around here lately but they’ve been anything but quiet for Sam and I. We’ve been diving head first into planning and have been so overwhelmed by the support we’ve received so far – so thank you!


We’ve still got a long way to go to meet our goal and are always on the hunt for great companies looking to partner on this mission. If you or anyone you know is interested, definitely send us an email (50statesinayear AT gmail DOT com).


With that said, despite all the support we’ve received it’s not uncommon for us to get the age old question: What is 50 States In A Year?


Let me answer that for you simply…

50 States In A Year is a charity fundraising tour where we will travel to all 50 states in a single year spreading the health, wellness and fitness mission while raising money for the CrossFit for Hope charity.


As Sam and I travel around the country, we will be hosting fundraising events to help bring together a community of people all working towards the same goal – to give back.


To help clarify, CrossFit for Hope is the official fundraising arm of the CrossFit Foundation and every cent donated goes directly to it’s target recipient as all costs (accounting, administration, etc) are paid for by CrossFit Headquarters. How cool is that?


The CrossFit for Hope charity helps fund research for the fight against children’s cancer, provides educational opportunities and relief from hours of daily water cartage in Kenya, supports Infant Swim Resource to stop infant drowning, and provides educational opportunities to those in need. For more about the great efforts of CrossFit for Hope, please check out their website.


While our mission may be simple, it’s no easy task and it’s definitely not one that we can do alone. We need your help, support and the power of the community that stands before us to come together. As gandhi says….




Questions about what we’re doing? Ask away!

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