New Photos!

Did anyone notice our new picture? 😉

A couple weeks ago, Sam and I met up with our friend Nicole from CrossFit who is also an awesome photographer. We were in need of some new photos that we could use on our social media, website and promotional materials and Nicole was more than happy to help us out.

We did solo photos…




…and duo photos…


…and we laughed, a lot.


Nicole did a great job capturing the joy and excitement Sam and I have over this trip and the fun we’re bound to have together while we work towards really impacting the world. We couldn’t be happier. Thanks Nicole!!

Nicole Endres is a Chicago based photographer for wedding, portraits, parties and special events. For more information on her services, be sure to check out her website!

2 thoughts

  1. Nice photos! Definitely make you seem more “legit” with the added professionalism. Also like the t shirts. Does that mean people will be checking out my butt too when I wear it? =)

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