We’re Teaming Up With Local Fire Departments!

While our charity is the CrossFit for Hope charity and while most of our events will be at CrossFit boxes, our mission doesn’t end there. Sam and I are extremely passionate about health in every sense of the word, which is why we view this next year of our lives as an opportunity to spread the message of health, wellness and fitness to our community (both large and small).


Because of this, we’re excited to announce we’re teaming up with local fire departments!

As we all know, heart attacks are a huge problem for this country and everyday our fire fighters are seeing the affects of poor diet, lack of exercise, and little care for overall health as they rush to aid those suffering from a heart attack.

When one of our local fire departments heard about what we were doing, they were quick to ask “how can we help you?” “how can we partner towards your mission?” “how can we work together to raise awareness?”

There was no denying it, this was a partnership with huge potential to make change, to impact our world, to change so many lives.

Sam and I talk often about the next year of our lives, about this journey, about this mission and about all of the potential, change and impact we view possible. But what’s just as exciting for us, is when we see others realize the possibility and catch the excitement and passion. We couldn’t be more thrilled to have the Hebron Fire Department on our side and we’re excited to see the others that join in for the case as well!



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