Where and When

If you follow us on social media, then you saw the sneak peak of our route Saturday night…

We are asked on a daily basis where we’re going to be and when and while this is all subject to change, I thought it was about time to share it with you all. Whether you’re in Minnesota, North Dakota, Alabama or somewhere else, you can get an idea when we’re expected to roll through your state.

If you’re wanting to help plan an event in your area or have us make you dinner, you can get a better idea when we’ll show our lovely faces…

50 States MAP

**Post update: map has been updated after feedback that the last map was a bit confusing as to the year.**

We kick off in less than two months and there’s still so much to do, plan and an RV to find…we appreciate any and all help. 🙂


Stay up to date on all scheduled fundraising events via the Events Page.

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