Other Ways to Help

Believe it or not, we leave in a week…We’re in the final countdown and we’re running all over the place trying to get final details together and see friends and family before we head out.

We appreciate the support we’ve received on our GoFundMe page the last couple weeks but we know sometimes it’s about more than monetary donations. We know sometimes people can, need and want to give in different ways. Because of this, we thought we’d come up with a list of a few random things we’ll need for the next year…

1. An RV


The RV is the million dollar question and we realized we should have been collecting $10 every time someone asked if we got an RV yet because then we could buy one ourselves at this point. But regardless, the deal still remains – if we get an RV donated by November 1st, we will do 100 burpees/day between the two of us for an entire year. We did burpees last night so we assure you, it’s a sight to see.

2.  2-person compact tent


This is for those nights when we need to get out of the RV and sleep under the stars, so to speak.

3. GoPro Cameras


2 Hero waterproof GoPros and mounts will allow us to get lots of video and you to be highly amused. We assure you, you’ll enjoy it. And if you don’t believe us, let last night’s burpees be the proof…

4. Gift Cards…

-Gas…it’s not like we’re driving all across the country or anything

-Whole Foods…girls gotta eat

-Target…basic supplies

-Costco…food, basic supplies, auto necessities…


If you want to help and support in a different way, you can and know it’s just as appreciated. 🙂

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