Our Donation Target!

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Did you see we set a donation target for the charity?

Screen Shot 2014-10-06 at 1.19.19 PM

We know it’s lofty but we also feel it’s reasonable and that as a community we have the ability to totally knock it out of the water!

Throughout the year we’ll keep that thermometer updated with how much we’ve raised but we’ll also be sharing how much was raised at each event. As we’ve mentioned many times, it’s extremely important to us that everyone knows where their money is going and feels comfortable making donations, so we’re not holding back any details about what’s been raised. Be sure to check out the What We’ve Raised page throughout the year to stay up to date!

More dates are being added to the Events page as final details are confirmed and as always, if you want us to come to your box and host an event, reach out to us at 50statesinayear AT gmail DOT com! 🙂

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