The 50 States Burpee Challenge!

For anyone who missed it, we were on the cover of our local newspaper on Tuesday. It was a very surreal moment for us both. We knew we’d be in the paper that day but I fully anticipated flipping through a few pages or sections to find us…not that all I’d have to do is LOOK at the paper and see my face in the middle of a push-up.


Talk about a “holy crap!” moment!

Things are happening and this year is approaching quickly. I’m sure you can imagine that we’re running around like chickens with our heads chopped off (and you’d be right!) but as such we’re continuing to work on raising the necessary funds to help cover our costs. Obviously this is no easy undertaking and we’ll be living extremely frugal this year, but it all adds up and we need the support of our community. So with that, we’re starting a challenge today…

For every $10 donated to our GoFundMe page starting today (Friday, October 17th) until next Thursday (October 23rd), one of us will do a burpee!


If you’ve ever done a burpee, you know they aren’t the most fun and they really get your heart rate up! We know this may not be the most fun for us, but we’re hoping it helps create a little buzz and excitement.


THEN…Thursday evening, we’ll be teaming up with the Woodstock Jaycees for an event where we’ll actually DO the burpees! Over the course of the evening we’ll be able to share our stories with everyone there, sell some t-shirts, talk about the project and do burpees. We’ll take breaks and modify as we need to and of course, we’ll be sure to get some photos + videos too!

Screen Shot 2014-10-13 at 1.57.06 PMWe hope you’ll join us, donate and share with your friends and family. 


Make us do burpees!

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