We Do Burpees, So Can YOU!

Last week was our burpee event with the Woodstock Jaycees. We had 61 burpees to do from the funds raised over the course of the week and we completed them within a half hour or so. It wasn’t bad at all.


Some moments we rocked through them and other moments we couldn’t help but have some fun with it…

And then somehow we got the group to do a burpee with us! We started by teaching them what to do then got in place so we could all do one together. It’s funny to watch this video multiple times and see how each person does their burpee…

But at the end of the day, let this be reassurance that if we can do burpees, so can you!

2 thoughts

    1. Well we were only supposed to be doing 1 burpee…the “keep going” was more for the people that were still working on finishing that one! 😉

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