A 50 States Roadtrip Playlist

When you set out on a road trip, how many of you think about creating a playlist? Something that makes the drive easier, keeps you awake when you start to get kind of sleepy, and gives you something to sing along to?

We’re going to go out on a limb and guess that most of you have some kind of musical playlist when you hit the road. Maybe not for those shorter drives but when you start talking hours and hours, music becomes even more important to make the time go by quicker. Trust us on this.

As our first month on the road draws to an end, we thought it’d be fun to share a few of our favorite playlist songs right now. When you have two people traveling together, there’s definitely a balance to the kind of music that gets played, who gets to decide what’s being played or skipped over but for the most part we’ve got the musical compromise down. Thank goodness for that.

And it just so happens, that’s what we’re thankful for today. The music that helps us get through each long drive; the music that powers our workouts; and the music that keeps us sane and happy.

thankful 50 states

What are some of your favorite roadtrip playlist songs?

What are you thankful for today?

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