Cold Weather WOD-ing in Iowa

cf flyover wod

We made it to Iowa! We left Friday morning, making our second set of goodbyes, stopping for tea, coffee and cookies for the road from our favorite place and piled into the RV for the 5 hour drive to Des Moines.

Our plan upon arriving was to meet Alex at her box, CrossFit Primal in Waukee for a nice “little” WOD…aka, we got our butts kicked! After the workout, we chatted with a few of the other members and coaches and were adorned with some fun gear from the owners of BroFit Box Apparel. Little did they know at the moment we would need the hats to get through our event Saturday morning…


Saturday morning we loaded into Alex’s car and made our way to Beaverdale Park to meet with the crew from CrossFit Flyover. They were scheduled for an outdoor WOD and when we didn’t have an Iowa event on the schedule, they offered to let us come crash their party. It was really cold to start but once we got moving, it wasn’t all that awful.

We did a partner WOD that looked like this:

AMrAP in 5 rounds:

1 minute Wall Balls over the Swings to your partner

1 minute 1 partner does Burpees & 1 holds a Plank

1 minute 1 partner does Kettlebell Swings & 1 holds Hollow Rock

(Partners switch movements whenever they want/need to)

Alex was my partner and I think we did pretty well. The Wall Balls were definitely the hardest as you had to get the ball OVER the swing set or it was a “no rep” and I kept hitting the top of the swings but only made it over a couple times. On the bright side I got some great Wall Ball practice and Sam had her first go round at them (how is that even possible?!).

Photo stolen from Alex
Photo taken from Alex

Once again, we are overwhelmed by the outpouring welcome of the people we met. Everyone was excited to chat with us after, hear more about our year ahead but also, learn more about US! They invited us to join them for some post-WOD frisbee but since we had breakfast plans with Alex and another friend of ours, we said our goodbyes and piled into the warm car.


Despite the warm welcomes, Iowa is pretty cold and as we sat napped in the RV Saturday afternoon, the snow started to fall outside our windows and we were happy to have a warm place to call home for this next year. We’ll be sure to check in in a couple of days, but for now we bid you adieu from the snow!


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