For Our Friends & Family & Supporters

We hope you’ve been following along as we share what we’re thankful for this week leading up to Thanksgiving. In case you missed any, let’s catch up a bit…

thankful 50 states

Day 1: Sweat Angels and our sponsors for helping make this year possible

Day 2: CrossFit and our fitness in general

Day 3: Our Health

Day 4: Music to make the long drives easier

Day 5: Having a home for the year

Day 6… Our friends and family who have supported and continue to support us on this journey!


We knew this wouldn’t be easy – physically, financially, mentally or emotionally and we can’t express our gratitude enough to those who have stood by us, listened to us, supported us and helped make this year possible.

And as a reminder, to anyone who wants to help us get from state to state, event to event, place to place, know that we can’t do it alone and while we have some amazing sponsors, they definitely don’t cover all of our costs. Because of this, we have set up the GoFundMe page which allows us to accept donations from friends, family and any supporters who are willing, able and happy to assist.

We can’t thank each of you enough who have donated and showed your support. We are truly thankful for each and every one of you.

What are you thankful for today?

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