Kick-off Event at CrossFit AMRAP!

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It’s safe to say neither of us slept well Friday night. A mix of nerves and excitement to say the least. Disbelief that the first event has actually arrived and the year ahead is starting. We made our way to our home box CrossFit AMRAP at 7:15 so we could get everything setup before people started arriving.


We both decided to take part in the 8am event. We all warmed up as a group and then met to go over the WOD at the board.


Since we were originally planning to give to CrossFit for Hope, we had the “CrossFit for Hope” WOD on the schedule. When things changed, we told Matt and Brittany there was no need to change the WOD unless they absolutely wanted to.

“CrossFit for Hope”

AMrAP in 3 rounds of:

1:00 Burpees

1:00 Power Snatch

1:00 Box Jumps

1:00 Thrusters

1:00 Chest to Bar Pull Ups

1:00 Rest

There was nothing easy about this WOD and after the first round, we all found ourselves wondering how we were going to finish. Yet we did finish. We all finished.


The 9am class did the same WOD, but this time around Samantha and I took pictures and cheered everyone on. It was inspiring to watch each person push past their limits just when they wanted to give up or didn’t think they could push out one more rep.


After each class we went back to our table to talk more about our year ahead, our partnership with Sweat Angels, the charity we’re giving to this month and directed everyone to the donation page.

We’re helping provide meals for families this month so if you want to join the cause, you can donate by clicking on the button below!

NOV donate button

Thank you to all who came out yesterday, showed their support for what we’re doing and made a donation to the charity. It was only the first event and with many more ahead of us the nerves haven’t subsided but the excitement is definitely picking up.

Thanks to Matt & Brittany and the rest of the CrossFit AMRAP family for helping make an awesome kickoff event!


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