Making New Friends at CrossFit Fringe

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We’re still waiting for the day when the events start feeling easier… We walked into last night’s event feeling pretty terrified with no good reason for it, but we walked in, put our fears aside and got everything set up.


CrossFit Fringe does Friday Night Lights events about once a month and this month the fundraiser was canned goods for their local food bank and fit perfectly with our mission to feed hungry families with Sweat Angels.

Per usual it was another tough WOD…


We both were part of the 2nd heat and definitely got our butts kicked, in the best way possible. We messed up the hang power cleans (Sam didn’t do the right numbers and Katie did full cleans) but regardless we finished sweaty and sore. It was perfect!


We continued to hang out for the remainder of the heats, cheering everyone on, talking about our year and making new friends. We witnessed all of our fears and worries disappear as the evening progressed. As the first event where we didn’t know a single person that would be there, our nerves weren’t surprising but nonetheless it was great to have them put to rest as the evening went on.


After the event, we packed up all of our stuff and a few of the members invited us to join them for dinner. Everyone was so friendly and we felt like we fit right in.

We know how lucky we are to be on this tour this year but even more so, we’re extremely grateful for our fitness. We can wake up each morning and go for a run, do yoga or get our butts kicked at CrossFit. And when we have nights like last night with a great group of people, we continue to be reminded that having our fitness can extend far beyond just keeping ourselves healthy.

thankful 50 states

Thank you to everyone at CrossFit Fringe! We can’t wait to come back and visit!


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