We Have An RV!

Hopefully you’re all following us on social media (links to the right!) so you’ve already seen the exciting news, but just in case…


We got an RV!

Now don’t get too excited, we bought this one so there won’t be 100 burpees a day for an entire year, though I’ll be sure to plan plenty of burpee-filled workouts to kick our butts. 😉

Sometimes doing something amazing with huge potential takes a great deal of risk and if no one caught on when we chose to leave our full-time jobs for this, we believe fully in the work we are doing. Risk isn’t enough to scare us away from something truly amazing. So we walked into our local Camping World location last week and said “if we can get approved for the loan, we’ll buy that RV!”

And when Darwin walked over and told us we were approved for the loan, we both hit the ground in tears. It’s one of those moments I wish someone caught on camera because it was priceless. Sam and I on the floor of Camping World, crying hysterically with others walking by probably thinking we’re nuts. Well guess what? They might be right.

Within an hour and a half we had all of the paperwork signed and by the next afternoon, we did our RV walk-thru with Missy and were driving away with the keys in hand!


We feel so lucky to have people that believe fully in our project and what we’re doing, who want to do everything they can to help us accomplish our goal and we can’t thank the team at Camping World Wauconda enough! From Roger to Tucker to Darwin to Missy to Kris and everyone else who has been welcoming, fun and helpful, thank you!



Don’t worry, once we get ourselves organized, we’ll give you a tour! 

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  1. So Happy for you two!!!!!!!!!!! You are on your way. Glad to see your first three events were awesome. I am sooooooooooooo proud of you. Love You!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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