Who wants a tour of the RV?

It’s not uncommon for friends (new and old) to ask for a little tour of our new home when we pass through their area so we figured a little virtual tour may very well be the next best thing for those who haven’t been able to see it first hand.

Obviously you’ve already seen photos of the outside…


But now let’s get a tour of the inside…

View from the cab

View from the cab

View from the back bedroom

View from the back bedroom

Back bed + closet area

Back bed + closet area

We’re extremely thankful to our friends at Camping World for helping us get the RV and for all of their support after as we’ve been getting used to RV life. But most importantly, today we’re thankful for this RV and for having a place that we can call home this next year as we travel around from state to state.

thankful 50 states

But now we must call to you…this RV needs a name and we want YOUR input. If you’re struggling for ideas, imagine us merging onto the highway and trying to accelerate the RV to an acceptable speed to keep up with traffic. We start calling out “Go RV, go!” or “Come on, RV!”

Leave your ideas in the comments as to what you think we should name our new home.

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