50 States Stocking Stuffers

With it being the holiday season, we thought we’d share what’s hiding inside the stockings hanging in our RV…

FullSizeRender 2

  • 50 States T-shirts – Can be purchased through our GoFundMe page
  • Sweat Angels bracelets – If you’re at our events we might just throw one your way
  • Toms of Maine deodorant – For the most part we’ve been able to shower regularly but this is a total life saver for the days we can’t 😉
  • Spark – Katie requires coffee or a Spark everyday to stay energized especially with long drives or long event days
  • Essential Oils – We use essential oils daily, whether we’re putting it on or Sam’s setting up the diffuser.
  • Chocolate – What’s the fastest way to a girl’s heart? Chocolate, of course. We’re partial to our friends at Ethereal Confections!
  • Snacks – We’ve got a bin of easy to grab snacks behind the driver’s seat and Mamma Chia, RxBar and Simple Squares are some of our favorites!

What would you add to our stockings?

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