Everybody WODs at CrossFit Arenal Fitness

cf arenal fitness wod

No matter if or what you celebrate, we hope everyone had a great holiday! After a few days off, we were more than ready for another event. It’s funny how after constantly being on the go for the last couple months, it’s been hard to stay in the same place this week (though we did get out a bit to enjoy some local sites).


We walked into CrossFit Arenal Fitness Sunday morning excited and ready to talk to more people about 50 States, Sweat Angels and this month’s amazing charity! We were also ready to see the WOD waiting for us…


While Katie considered RX’ing the WOD, ultimately we both chose to Scale. It’s those dang burpees…(can you believe at one point in time we convinced ourselves we’d do 100 a day if someone got us an RV?) 😉

We lined up outside for the run and when everyone was ready, we took off!

As we travel from state to state and box to box, it’s always interesting to see the diverse culture of members within each location.

IMG_6299 - Version 2

CrossFit Arenal Fitness was no different! Members of all ages, shapes and sizes. Members who were pushing themselves through the workout and members who were scaling the workout to fit their current fitness level.

IMG_6285 - Version 2

Everyone was doing it together and when all was said and done, we all got in a great workout!


Thanks to CrossFit Arenal Fitness for having us and helping raise another nearly $250 for the charity! It’s been an great couple of months of events and we can’t wait to see what 2015 has in store!

Now, go stretch it out, friends…


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