Giving Tuesday

We all know Black Friday and Cyber Monday but how many people know about Giving Tuesday?

We spent the last month raising money for meals for families. We did our best to help those in need as we know we’re extremely blessed and as a community, we did some amazing things! But this whole year is about giving back; it’s about making change; it’s about impacting others lives; it’s about helping people.


With that said, we’re excited to share that for the month of December we’ll be raising money for gifts for kids fighting cancer. We hope that we can have another month of successful events and help provide these kids with not only some great gifts but some hope and smiles and joy.

DEC donate

With that said, this year is no easy feat. We’re working hard everyday to find more sponsors, to find other ways we can work to cover gas and food and supplies, to book more events, to drive from location to location, to be tourists in new places, to be activists for health and wellness, to make the impact that we’re looking and hoping and knowing we can make this year. And from our very core, the part that is always looking to help and support others, the part that has a hard time asking for it ourselves, we must ask for your assistance today in making this happen.

Our GoFundMe page is set up so people can help at any time; so they can get a postcard from somewhere on the road; so they can get a t-shirt or goody box of some of our favorite things; so they can get dinner when we come through their area. So whether it’s $10, $20 or more, know that it’s helpful, know that we appreciate it, and know that it helps us continue to make a bigger impact.

And don’t underestimate the power of social media and your own community, of sharing with your friends and family. Letting others know what we’re doing, talking to them about it, sharing it on your social channels or however else you see fit. The more people who share it, the more people who see it, the more it continues to grow and evolve and the more lives we can touch and share.

So on this Giving Tuesday, we ask you to consider giving. Whether it’s to the charity, to our project or both, know that you’re doing something amazing.

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