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Last week was a turning point for us. We pulled into the parking lot at CrossFit Maximus in Lexington, KY, walked in and not only met some of the awesome coaches, but we went on to meet the amazing team behind Sweat Angels, our charity partner for the year.


Not only was it great to put faces with the names of the people we’d been talking to but it was great to share our stories from the road, talk about the cool things they have coming and how we can all continue to support and help one another to reach our respective goals.

Thursday night was the Holiday Throwdown event at CrossFit Maximus. The event originally was going to be set up like all of the others where members make donations to the monthly charity, but there was a change in plans, a change that shows just how amazing the CrossFit community can be.


There’s a member at CrossFit Maximus whose family recently had twins but sadly one of the babies passed and the other is stuck in the hospital. The parents are going back and forth between staying at the Ronald McDonald house and making the drive home to care for their other young children. Plus with it being the holidays, things are especially tight. So instead of our usual event setup, toys and gift cards were brought in for the family and after we all WODed, there was a giant wrapping party and a bunch of tasty snacks!

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We still got to meet the members, we still got to tell them why we were there, and we still got to be a part of an amazing community of people doing amazing things. It may have looked a bit different, but it didn’t change the impact we were all able to make together.

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This is the largest group of people we’ve spoken to at once since starting but everyone was so welcoming, friendly and supportive, so we were able to put any fears aside and enjoy the evening with a great group of people while giving back to a family that will truly benefit from the generosity.


That’s the cool thing about this. It’s not just about walking into each box and hosting an event; it’s not just about raising money for charity. It’s about community and sometimes that means pulling an audible to help a member of said community when they need it.

We feel so lucky to have been a part of that night, to be working with Sweat Angels and ultimately, even more excited for the amazing things we can help make happen this next year!

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  1. How amazing. You girls are already doing amazing things, and I can’t wait to see what the rest of your journey looks like! The community is what keeps us all connected, even if we don’t always have CrossFit in our lives (I mean, it could happen, right?)

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