The Day CrossFit Ktown Raised Over $800!

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November was an incredible month. We raised nearly $800 for meals for hungry families and we were excited to see the impact we could make in December as we raise money for toys for children in the hospital with cancer.

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But what we didn’t realize at the time was how quickly we would do that, how quickly we would surpass Novembers donations and how it would only take ONE box to do that. Enter CrossFit Ktown in Knoxville, TN…


It made for an early morning but we pulled the RV into their parking lot shortly after 5:30am Friday morning, got everything set up inside, and once everyone arrived for the 6am class, introduced ourselves and started warming up. The WOD for the day? Fight Gone Bad. And as it sounds, it’s no joke…

AMrAP in 3 rounds:

1:00 Wall Balls

1:00 Sumo Deadlift High Pulls

1:00 Box Jumps

1:00 Push Press

1:00 Row (for calories)

1:00 Rest

Katie went with the group at 6am and everyone started by working on their front squat. This is the first event where they included a strength focus (like any other day) along with the event WOD. This was also the first event where we hung out all day for the regularly scheduled classes and we thought it worked out great!


Ktown isn’t new to having fundraising events and since Fight Gone Bad is a WOD where we count reps, they encouraged members to donate 10 cents for every rep completed. They also tell their members they’ll never get mad if they don’t donate and in turn ask the members not to get mad when they have these kinds of events.

Clearly they’re doing something right because by the end of the day, CrossFit Ktown helped us raised over $800 for the charity!


As we watched the number grow all afternoon, we could hardly believe what we were witnessing. Members were coming out of the WOD and excited to donate, excited to give their $20 or $30 for the reps they just completed, excited to hear more about what we were doing, excited to be a part of this project.

After the event we cleaned up and made our way to their holiday party we had been invited. We shared the amazing news with their team and celebrated an amazing day!


And while we must thank CrossFit Ktown for letting us come hang out for the day, for raising over $800 for the charity and inviting us to crash their holiday party, we must give them an extra shoutout for assisting when we got locked out of the RV right before the 4pm class while we were simultaneously baking cookies for the party.


So from everyone who climbed on the RV, tried to help us find an alternate way in, provided moral support and ultimately for the one who climbed through the window the size of a doggie door, we send you our sincerest thank yous! It doesn’t matter how many CrossFitters it takes to get into an RV with cookies in the oven, what matters is that we beat AAA and the cookies didn’t burn. 😉

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