The Night We Took a Pink Limo To Dinner

We pulled an audible mid-drive the other night. We left my aunt’s house in Missouri headed towards Nashville when we pulled into a Walmart parking lot to make dinner. We weren’t done driving for the evening but we needed food. As we sat eating our food, Sam looked up at the map and said “want to go to Memphis?” to which I said “sure!” We pulled up directions and saw we were on course either way and since no back-tracking was required, change of direction it was.

Yesterday afternoon we pulled into the welcome center in Memphis, Tennessee…

10689922_1599586953598665_4818012964182479586_nWe thought about grabbing lunch in downtown Memphis but after walking around a few minutes we quickly realized we were not somewhere we were supposed to be. On our way back to the RV, we stopped at a little Fire Station Museum. It wasn’t anything super special but they were quiet so one of the guys offered to give us a tour and show us around. 


When we got back to the RV, we found the Graceland RV park where we could plug in for the night. Upon arrival, the lady at the desk told us about this great BBQ place down the street and how if we call them after 4pm they’ll come pick us up in a pink limo. We took a look at the menu and decided it was one of those nights we should step outside the RV to enjoy dinner. Pink limo it was!


Now we must admit, our dinner wasn’t one that would necessarily fit into our mission of health, wellness and fitness but with the belief of all things in moderation, it was a night to enjoy food that we wouldn’t normally indulge. We enjoyed the scenery, drinks and some great southern BBQ before taking the pink limo ride back to the RV for the night.

Today we hit up the Graceland Mansion and find our next adventure!

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