What We’ve Been Doing & Where We’ve Been

We got a bit quiet this past week but we assure you things weren’t actually quiet. We were busy driving, scheduling more events, running an event (recap to come!), and enjoying Tennessee! We told you about the night we took a pink limo to dinner but the fun didn’t stop there! The next morning we toured Graceland which we both loved!


After leaving Elvis, we made our way to Nashville for a few days. We hit up the Country Music Hall of Fame…


…attempted grocery shopping at Whole Foods and were so thankful when one of the employees walked our groceries the mile to the only place we could find to part the RV….


…met some extended family/new friends for dinner and live music…


…and on our way out of Knoxville yesterday, stopped by Market Square for some local and organic eggs, meat sticks and purple sweet potatoes.


It’s been great to take a little time to be tourists in Tennessee but we must take a moment to back up to the night in downtown Nashville… We went to The Listening Room where we hoped for some delicious food, drinks and good music. Before arriving we found out they were having a fundraiser that night so there would be a cover charge to get in. We wanted to know more about the fundraiser so we did our research and found out this event was perfectly in line with this months charity


The Live4Tay Foundation supports families who have children with cancer by providing financial assistance generated through fundraising events held to raise awareness for childhood cancer.

We felt like we were right where we needed to be that night, finding other ways to support this mission while also enjoying ourselves.

IMG_5735While we can go from event to event to event, it’s nice to get out, meet new people, and live a little. When all of the pieces come together though, that’s the moment when we know we are doing exactly what we need to be doing right now.

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  1. I kind of want to see a picture of all of the groceries you bought from WF if two Cross Fitters still had to have someone help lug the groceries?! Sounds impressive/daunting!

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