Witnessing Another Community Strong at CrossFit Ridgeline

cf ridgeline wod


After driving through the narrow and mountainous roads in Morgantown, WV we pull into CrossFit Ridgeline for our next event. Per usual we unload everything from the RV and begin setting up.  At this point we had yet to see the WOD in store.


We introduced ourselves and started warming up as a group. When it came time to tackle that WOD, we joined with the first heat. We got our kettlebells in place and got in position on the rower. 3,2,1…row!


This WOD was a killer but we pushed through the row and the farmer carry but the burpees, oh the burpees…they’ll get you every time. And they got us. In fact, I’m pretty sure they got most everyone in that room.


But as we’ve mentioned many times, it’s the community of CrossFit that will constantly amaze you. It’s the community that helps push you through those extra hard WODs. It’s the community that will come together when a member needs support.


And while this year is all about raising money for charity, it’s also about community; it’s about the entire community coming together to do something truly amazing. We don’t just witness it as we talk to everyone after the WOD and as they donate to the charity, we witness it before, after and during the WOD. We witness it when each of us are struggling to push ourselves through. As one more burpee feels like 10 more burpees and 10 more burpees might as well be another 100.


We witnessed members cheer on, encourage and help push others to finish. We witnessed members join in one after another to help the final athlete through her last burpees. Talk about amazing!


Obviously we’ve already been to several boxes and over the course of the rest of this year, we’ll go to even more and yet it never ceases to amaze when you witness the power of community within each box.


Thank you CrossFit Ridgeline for having us, for holding a great event, for helping make an impact with our charity, and for showing what this community is all about!

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