Life on the Road Survival Kit

Now that we’ve been on the road for 2 months, we’re definitely figuring out what works for us, what doesn’t and what makes everything so much easier. Today, we thought we’d share a few of those items with you!

survival kit

1. Spark

This is one of Katie’s favorites, but with good reason! Spark is a clean-energy solution by Advocare and Katie will mix up a scoop and sip on it for hours to help power through the emails and writing or stay awake and alert during her turn driving! Pink lemonade is her favorite!

2. Sweat Pants/Leggings

We’re pretty sure this is something most people wouldn’t challenge us on! But let’s get real, if you’re going to drive hours upon hours pretty much everyday, you better believe we’re going to dress comfortably. 😉

3. Bars/Snacks

We have a bin behind the drivers seat full of bars and snacks from some of our sponsors. It’s convenient for either the passenger or driver to reach behind and grab something when they get hungry.

4. Essential Oils

This is definitely one of Sam’s favorites, and with good reason! If one of us isn’t feeling well (mentally or physically), if it’s been a few days since we showered, if the RV is a bit stinky from cooking and we’re about to give a tour, or something else, there’s an essential oil for that! Out comes the big book, the box of oils and the diffuser.

Obviously this is no exhaustive list but definitely a few of our favorites for surviving life on the road.

Now tell us, what are a few of your road trip necessities? 

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