Spending The Day With CrossFit Bluefield

cf bluefield WOD

After a super fun and successful event at CrossFit Princeton a couple weeks ago, the owners asked us to come back and visit their other location, CrossFit Bluefield, just over the Virginia border. Another opportunity to give back? Another event with some great people? Of course we were in!


It was another one of those events where we hung out all day, starting with the early morning 5:45am class. With the WOD on the board…


…we got warmed up and got to it!


Now don’t be fooled, that WOD says AMRAP in 17:00 and while I’m pretty sure everyone made it all the way through 1 round, no one finished the second. And when someone got close during one of the evening classes, you better believe we all got excited and cheered him on!


It was one of those workouts that you needed to strategize how you were going to get through. You might be able to do all 50 Kettlebell Swings without dropping but you better believe your forearms will feel it.


You might think you can go heavier on the bar for those Deadlifts but how are you going to feel when the Power Cleans come along? There may only be 10 but you’re going to be tired.

And even though you don’t think it’s possible, you’re going to get back to those 50 Kettlebell Swings and you’re going to push through it.


And then when all is said and done, we’re all going to connect over having just made it through another really tough WOD together; we’re going to think about why we did it; and we’re going to help get more winter coats to those in need. Because as we all know, winter sure can be brutal.

Thank you again to the CrossFit Bluefield & CrossFit Princeton crew for having us, making us feel welcome and helping us give back in a really big way!

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