Starting Off the New Year with Ardent CrossFit

barbara wod

How many people would wake up early on New Years day to go workout? We would imagine not very many but when it came to Ardent CrossFit, we had a packed house …err rig.


The community swirled around talking about their night, what time they got home, how they’re feeling today and if they were going to make it through this WOD. But no matter the plans from the night before, how we were going to make it through this one was a reasonable discussion.


This is the first box we’ve been at where they were already working with Sweat Angels via Facebook check-ins so they already knew the gist but we were there to provide them an opportunity to give more to a great cause.

Since it was January 1st we were on to our new charity of the month, Soles4Souls. Through Soles4Souls and Sweat Angels, we’re able to provide winter coats to those in need. Being that it’s winter, I think we can all understand the importance and benefits of helping provide warmth to someone that may not otherwise have it.


So we warmed up as a group and then we dove into the WOD, staggering our starts so we could all fit on the pull-up rig. At times it was challenging but as we all broke into our own respective pace, it worked out quite well.


And while this WOD was no joke, we all made it through; we all pushed past our personal barriers and finished. And we did it on New Years Day at 10am, at that!

Thank you to Ardent CrossFit for having us, for making our first event of 2015 so fun and for helping us start the month of donations in a big way!


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