That Time When U R CrossFit Stood Out

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Tuesday’s event was at another Sweat Angels box, U R CrossFit. We were coming to hang out for the evening as we took on “Fran, You Two-Faced B*tch!”


We let each box pick the WOD they’d like to do and many decide to go for a Hero, Benchmark or some other fairly brutal WOD. Most boxes don’t let us know what we’re doing until we walk in and see it posted on the board, but through our emails with owner Brian, he asked what we thought of the WOD.


My response? “Looks terrible! You know, in that whole CrossFit way of the worse the WOD, the more we secretly love it!”


And yes, I hated it. Every freaking minute. And as I ran down the street with a 12# medicine ball in my hand, I wondered what I was thinking.


As I picked up that barbell for the second round of Fran, I thanked myself for staying on the lighter side. And as I finished that last pull-up, there was nothing to do but sit down and agree that WOD earned it’s title.


But as we travel the county, visiting CrossFit box after CrossFit box, the question for each box becomes how do we stand out? and while U R CrossFit was our 21st event, it did stand out. Maybe it was the keg of locally brewed beer waiting to celebrate the completion of a tough WOD, maybe it was the members super excited to talk about what we’re doing and share it with their communities, maybe it was Fran, You Two-Faced B*tch!, or maybe it was something entirely different.


Whatever the reason, we enjoyed our time with U R CrossFit and can’t wait to see all of the incredible impact they make within the CrossFit community with their Progression Color Board!


Now U R CrossFit, don’t forget to check-in on Facebook and keep supporting each month’s Sweat Angels charity!

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