When 4 Girls Met at CrossFIt Bullpen

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As the story goes, once upon a time in the suburbs of Chicago, two girls met for coffee after not seeing each other for a few months. One crazy idea, one smart ass comment and lots of planning later and these girls are traveling out of an RV as they tour the country to give back to charity. (Yes, we mean us!)


But as the story would go, about two and a half months in, two other girls would meet.


And at a box in Raleigh, NC called CrossFit Bullpen, all FOUR girls would meet.


They’d also meet some other great athletes…


Who wouldn’t be intimidated by these girls…


Who would give it all they had for a few short minutes to give back in a way that would last much longer…


When Katie met Samantha, to when Isabel met Grace, to when they all met at CrossFit Bullpen, and now to when more coats are keeping more people in need warm.

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