Witnessing Different Coaching Styles @ CrossFit SoFla

cf sofla wod

One of the cool things about visiting so many boxes is all of the coaches we meet. This allows us to witness different coaching styles, different ways to modify to our current fitness levels, and then hopefully just keep getting stronger and becoming better athletes.

The WOD at CrossFit SoFla on Wednesday was a partner WOD:
Our skill focus for the day was pull-ups but we started by pairing up and running through a drills.
It started with a few lat pulls. This was the first time we’d ever done this but we loved it as a way to practice activating your lats as the first muscle needed during a pull-up.
After finishing our drills, we got set up for the WOD and the heats started.
We love going from box to box and seeing everyone who does CrossFit! It just proves that CrossFit is for everyone and we can all modify it to our current fitness levels and then just keep building from there.
Not to mention, it’s all about the community and when communities can come together to give back, it’s an amazing thing! So if you want to join our community and give winter coats to those in need, there’s only a couple more days left!

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