24 Hours in Lake Charles With CrossFit CSE

cf cse

We had so much fun in New Orleans and while we definitely can’t wait to come back and visit again (during non-Mardi Gras season), we were ready to move on and so we made our way to west to Lake Charles, Louisiana to visit the crew at CrossFit CSE.


We were invited to join them for Mexican food and margaritas Friday night so we dropped by the box when we got into town and when the last class was over we all made our way for dinner. We walked in and within minutes were greeted with the “must-have” margaritas.


Yes, they were very good. 😉

Margaritas the night before a tough WOD isn’t really recommended but we loved getting to meet some of the members and coaches, because while we love being able to give back to some amazing causes, the other side of this is really getting to connect with people all across the country. And there really are some amazing people!


In order to tackle the WOD Saturday morning, we got into teams of 3 – our team was Sam, Nina and myself. We were able to split up the reps however we needed but only one member of the team was working at a time.


I’m pretty sure all of us who enjoyed margaritas and Mexican food for dinner last night were dragging a bit but we were all still having a great time cheering on our team members.


Our team was the last to finish and everyone joined for our final 200m run. It definitely helped us pull everything we had left to finish that workout. That’s one of those things I love about CrossFit and it inspires me every time I witness it happen.


After a WOD like that we were all hungry and in need of coffee so we continued the fun to get breakfast and coffee.


Thank you to everyone at CrossFit CSE for a fun day!

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