5 Event Week Roundup!

cf cairo wod

We learned last week that a 5 event week with a lot of driving is too much for us for one week. To many that may sound obvious but it’s how the cards were placed before us and wanting to raise as much as possible to get coats for those in need, who were we to not make it happen? So we persevered and quite honestly, were so lucky that our busiest week yet had some absolutely amazing events with some amazing people!


And with that we were able to end our week on a high note at CrossFit Cairo!

Our WOD for the day?


CrossFit Cairo was excited to have us (something that’s obviously an important aspect of having these events) and not only invited their members, but also invited nearby boxes to join in the fun as well. Because there was such a big group of us, we had several heats set up.


Every 5 minutes another heat started, giving space for the previous group to make their way through the workout without any major traffic jams.


Don’t get me wrong, this wasn’t easy. Especially when it came to those wall balls and having done a bunch the day before at CrossFit South Cobb.


But when you’re looking to end out a long, busy week, you want to end it with a great group of people. And that was just what we did.


We’re sorry we didn’t join for the Rattlesnake Roundup after but we’re both happily without nightmares, we’re not so sure we could have said that if we went. 😉

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