Bandit CrossFit Changes Up The Leaderboard

bandit cf

The competition is running strong in Alabama and Mississippi! I’m not sure that was something either of us were necessarily expecting but after CrossFit Protocol set a new bar and Rocket City CrossFit rose to the challenge, it was going to be interesting to see how Bandit CrossFit followed.


But competition runs deep with CrossFitters and especially when it comes to events that are geared towards bringing the community closer together to work for a great cause. And the crew at Bandit came together.


We hung out all day to do one of the first Bandit WODs (back when the gym was located in owner Janice’s backyard) which she called “Mary Jane” after a member who upon starting couldn’t run 400m without walking but who would eventually get to complete this workout in under 25 minutes and who now runs 5ks on a regular basis. Oh the power of fitness!


Just as Protocol was excited and counting down to the top spot, Bandit was as well. They weren’t sure they could beat Protocol but they wanted leaderboard placement. More so, they wanted Top 5 placement.


While Rocket City CrossFit rose to the challenge CrossFit Protocol raised before them and took the #3 Leaderboard spot, it wasn’t for long as Bandit CrossFit quickly came in and took it from them.


It’s fun to see these boxes get competitive to give back! And while every little bit helps the charity, we’re sure to surpass last month’s donations. It’s really inspiring for us to see that keep happening month after month.Thank you to each person that is a part of this with us!


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