Making New Friends at CrossFit 870

cf 870

We finally made it to Arkansas!


We drove up from Mississippi immediately following our event on Tuesday at CrossFit 27:17. We only got a few hours under our belt before finding a place to park and sleep for the evening, driving to Little Rock the next morning, parking for the evening and then making our way to Jonesboro Thursday so we would be primed and ready to takeover CrossFit 870 bright and early Friday morning.


There’s been a trend with a lot of our events where the WODs are longer and tougher so they often choose to leave out the “strength/skill” portion of a normal class. It’s not a bad thing by any means but when the day comes and we get a strength to focus on, we get really excited!


I decided to workout with the 8:15am class and it was a lot of fun! Meanwhile, Sam was busy making a new friend and I think she may have been having even more fun…


We were absolutely blown away by the generosity of CrossFit 870! They sold us out of most of our t-shirt sizes (a good and bad problem to have, of course!) and helped us officially surpass any other month of donations yet!


Not to mention they were all super friendly and fun to hang out and chat with all day!


We got connected with more boxes in other states for future events (whoo!!) and got some other really great ideas to keep this project growing, which we always love!


And Sam got her puppy fix playing with Zeke.


Thank you so much to CrossFit 870 for such a fantastic day!