Mardi Gras Recovery At CrossFit Roux

cf roux

There’s a fine line when you aren’t feeling well between getting rest and knowing when it’s okay to sweat it out with a good workout. Walking into CrossFit Roux on the Thursday after Mardi Gras was definitely the day when we all knew we needed to sweat it out to recharge from a week (or more for some) of fun!


As we hung out with everyone from CrossFit Roux we got to hear about how those from New Orleans celebrate Mardi Gras, what they did, what they saw and of course we got to share our first New Orleans Mardi Gras experience.


And then we WODed out all those beignets, the hurricanes and all of the other treats and cheats that came with Fat Tuesday.


We WODed for new friendships and all of the (mostly inappropriate but) hilarious jokes.


And we WODed to get glasses for the kids in need.


Friendships, fun and a kick butt WOD to give back is always a fantastic equation and as we all learned, a great way to recovery from Mardi Gras.


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