That Time CrossFit Protocol Set A New Record

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As we go from event to event, box to box, we know the donations will vary. We know some areas may not be in as much of a place to donate, the numbers of members varies, as well as multiple circumstances that could lead to smaller events. But at the end of the day, every dollar helps, every dollar may change someone’s life so regardless of the total we’ve raised that day, we walk away happy.


But sometimes the inner competitive CrossFitter comes out so when Scott, one of the owners of CrossFit Protocol asked what our greatest event was for the charity, we told him about the time CrossFit Ktown raised over $800 to get toys for children with cancer. From that moment on, it was on!


The WOD for the day was a CrossFIt Protocol original and a really fun partner WOD.


Scott and the other coaches spent the rest of the day getting everyone excited and counting down to how close they were to setting a new record.


The closer they got, the more excited everyone got. And for good reason.


When it came down to it, we finished the day with $1,000 raised for the charity to get glasses to kids in need. We were blown away!

And because what’s a little friendly competition?

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  1. Great article! Thank you for what you do and thanks for coming to see us at CrossFit Protocol. You are welcome at anytime.

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