The Competition Continues in Mississippi…

cf 2717

Something we learned pretty early on in this journey is that RV chores always take longer than we expect, but they also take even longer when you have to make multiple stops for one chore. For example, emptying tanks is always a fun experience (if you haven’t seen the video from our first time emptying tanks DO IT!) It’s also not one we’re willing to pay for (if we can help it) and with our first stop of the day being at Flying J where it was going to cost money, we passed on tanks, filled up on gas and went inside for showers (yes, we were willing to pay for showers but were so thankful when a truck driver asked the cashier if he could give us 2 of the showers from his card so we didn’t have to pay! We were so thankful!)

MS welcome

From there we were on to our next attempt to empty tanks…well let’s just say the station  was full or clogged or something – that was NOT happening! Attempt #3 was finally successful but it required us to get a security guard to unlock it for us. While I was busy emptying the tanks, the security guard was getting all sorts of information from Sam. I wish I got a picture, it looked like we were getting pulled over to empty tanks! Once back on the road, we were headed to CrossFit 27:17 for another great Mississippi event!


Apparently there’s something about Mississippi and Alabama and competitions – the gloves come off, the chalk goes on and we WOD to give back.


It’s always fun to see the WODs that each event comes up with. It’s definitely not uncommon to see partner WODs, stemming from the fact that there’s two of us on this tour.


We all paired up to take on the WOD. Didn’t matter who your partner was, this was a WOD about having fun and giving back. What I loved most was that the coach kept reminding everyone of that fact throughout the WOD.


We split up the reps between the two of us however we wanted, we worked together as a team and we finished that WOD as best we could.


One of our most asked questions every time we meet new people is if we hate each other yet… We’re a team. We have a mission that we’ve set forth to complete. It may not always be easy but we have to work together as a team to get everything done to make this year happen and with all of the challenges that come with this kind of thing, there’s no reason to make it more difficult by not getting along. So no, we don’t hate each other. 😉


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