When Rocket City Rose To The Challenge

rocket city cf

We left you all with CrossFit Protocol’s challenge for our event at Rocket City CrossFit a couple days later so we’re sure many of you are wondering how that went down?


We should begin this by saying that no matter how much we raise at each event, it means so much and makes a huge impact on someone’s life. Every donation, no matter how big or small, is worth it.


But at the same time, it’s fun to see these owners and coaches and athletes get so excited about what we’re doing and figure out ways they can give and encourage others to help support.


Rocket City CrossFit took on the challenge that CrossFit Protocol placed before them and with the WOD up on the board, we got to work.


After everyone had their chance to complete the workout and when the barbells and plates were put away, Rocket City CrossFit pulled out an amazing event and putting themselves in our 3rd biggest event for the charity.


But now the question remains…could our top boxes hold their place or did the next event at Bandit CrossFit knock around the leaderboard?

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