50 States Paleo Challenge Week 1

Eating on the road really isn’t that hard when you have and choose to eat in the RV. After a month of a few more indulgences than either of us would have liked, we were so excited to kick off our Paleo Challenge.


If you ask us if we eat Paleo we’ll always answer “we’ll Paleo-based” as in we know there are times when it’s OK for us to veer from it but we also know we feel our best when we stick with it. And really, it’s all about eating real food. Here’s a bit of what we’ve been eating lately:

paleo challenge week 1

-Sam made this delicious avocado dip one day! We had parsley instead of cilantro so we’re calling it avocado dip vs. guacamole but it made for a killer snack while we were driving. We had it with some sliced up carrots and celery.

-It’s not uncommon for us to say dinner is going to be “all the veggies” because that’s exactly what we do. Sautéed Swiss Chard, pan roasted (purple) cauliflower and avocado.

-One of my personal favorites right now is pan fried plantains with over easy eggs and avocado. I could eat that ALL the time!

-This is one we call “eggs with all the veggies” because again, that’s exactly what it is. And it’s freaking easy and delicious.

-This last one was a real highlight for me this week. I was STARVING after our event at Choctaw CrossFit and Sam decided to cook up some bacon. While she had them on a sweet potato and saluted kale, I made mini-BLTs with avocado in a lettuce wrap vs. bread. There are no words. Make them!

Does anyone else out there eat paleo (or paleo-based)?

What are a few of YOUR favorite easy recipes?

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