A Day-In-The-Life (from Katie’s perspective)

While there’s no “normal” day for us, we thought it would be fun to share a “day in the life” post from each of our perspectives. I picked the day of our event at CrossFit Roux. It was an all day event with multiple class times and a couple of breaks in between to try and get stuff done.

4:00am – I hit the snooze button.

4:15am – Snooze…

4:30am – Ugh, fine. I get out of bed, brush teeth, change into workout clothes, do hair, put on all the layers (it’s a cold morning in Louisiana.)


4:45am – Tell Sam that she’s got to get up. I grab our shoes for the day (Reebok Nanos, of course), fill waters, pull-up directions and start warming up Bullseye.

5:00am -We drive to event at CrossFit Roux from our Walmart parking spot.

5:15am – Table setup and event begins for the 5:30am class.


6:40am – Class ends, we get in the RV and drive to the nearest Lowes #freeinternet 😉 I grab a banana and almond butter, get out my laptop and catch up on a few blogs while I eat. This is my time to relax and do something I enjoy.

7:30am – Time to get to work! First up, prepping some sample packets of Spark to send out, managing email inboxes, and pulling the to-do list together. Today is a serious catch-up day for me after Mardi Gras and my to-do list is overwhelming.


8:15am – Time to book some events! On today’s agenda: Dallas, TX, Arizona, Nevada, and maybe even starting some reach-out in California. It’s crazy to realize we’re now booking California! That seemed SO far away!

9:00am – Time to head back to the box for the next class. Sam was taking a nap so I let her know it’s time to wake up and head back.


9:30am – We WODed with the 9:30am class and then hung around for awhile chatting with everyone.

11:30am – Bradley, the owner of CrossFit Roux took us to lunch nearby. (Thanks, Bradley!)

12:30pm – After lunch, we drive back to Lowe’s for free internet & more work – thank you Lowes! 😉

4:00pm – Once again time to head back to CF Roux for the afternoon classes (4:30, 5:30 and 6:30pm)


8:00pm – The last class goes over a bit but once they finish up we pack up from a great day at CrossFit Roux, climb into the RV and drive to the local Whole Foods for more free internet and more bananas (we eat a lot of bananas…) While Sam makes dinner, I’m tackling more of my to-do list, starting with some social media for Ethereal Confections a chocolate/coffee shop back in our hometown.

9:30pm – Dinner is done thankfully as we are both starving! Sam made a really delicious cauliflower puree with sauted greens, brussels sprouts and zucchini.

10:00pm – We wash dishes and drive to tonight’s Walmart parking spot to get some rest.

10:30pm – It’s been a long day, I’m exhausted and there’s a lot to do tomorrow so I brush my teeth and crash into bed.

Sam’s day in the life post coming up tomorrow!

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