A Day In The Life (Sam’s View)

*Sam is taking over the blog today to share her day in the life…Take it away, Sam!*

As Katie said in her “day in the life” post, there is no normal day for us. Our Saturday event in Louisiana at CrossFit CSE and travels to Pearland, Texas were no different.

7:00,7:05 alarms go off….

7:16 Katie sends me a text reminder that today is my “day in the life” post

7:30 Katie says it’s my turn to get ready “meaning get your ass out of bed” 🙂

7:46 I roll out of bed get ready for event

8:00 I drive us to out event at CrossFit CSE (15ish min drive)


9:00 We WOD with CF CSE!


10:51 CSE takes Katie and I out for breakfast

12:04 We head back to Bullseye (the RV)

12:30 A quick stop at SAMs club for water


Head towards Huston (I drive)

Stop at Pilot dump tanks add ice to tanks

Drive more

Stop and dump tanks again to get everything the ice dislodged out (yummy)

Keep driving

4:30 Drop mail off at post office

4:39 Arrive at Katie’s parents hotel in Pearland, TX.

Immediately head to Katie’s aunts house

Visit with her Aunt and Cousins until about 7:30


8:00 Get back to home (to Bullseye)

8:20 Eat dinner (Katie and I cooked sweet potatoes and Swiss chard together)

Eat and work at the same time… (We never STOP)

9:05 take Supplements because I forgot to earlier in the day…

9:28 Katie goes to bed. I oil pull then brush my teeth with a cotton pad and thieves oil because my tooth brush fell out of the cabinet and into the garbage earlier (this sort of thing can’t be made up)

9:35 I catch up on journaling from Thursday… and watch Arrow on Hulu.


12:05 get into bed listen to some music to help unwind. Some of my current favorites: Sam Hunt, Brett Eldredge, & Craig Morgan.

12:45ish bed time….

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