A FUN Event At CrossFit Extraordinaire

One of the most asked questions “Why did you pick our box? Why didn’t you go to the bigger box in the area?” The easiest answer…some of our best and most FUN events happen at the smaller boxes. Obviously we’re raising money for charity and need to be somewhere that people are willing to donate to a great cause, but this is also supposed to be FUN – for the box and for us.


On Friday we found ourselves at CrossFit Extraordinaire in Utah. Owners Kyle and Todd are long-time friends that opened up their box just about a year ago. A small location but one that’s built on a strong foundation of community, fun and no judgements.


We spent the entire day with Kyle and Todd as friends, family and members of the gym came in to WOD and donate to help save the puppies. The scheduled WOD for the day was 15.5 but that wasn’t the only workout that was done.


During some of our down time, we worked on other things – pull-up and double under practice, tire flips, rope climbs and even a 7 minute WOD with one member who was short on time but wanted to come in and donate.


It was an active day but honestly, one of the most FUN days we’ve had! One of those days where we really felt like we got to know the owners behind this box, where we got to try new things and practice other skills, where we got to share stories and make new friends.


This may be a newer box, it may be a smaller box, but it’s one with a great foundation and we can’t wait to see how much they continue to grow!

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