A Last Minute Event At Kingman CrossFit

kingman cf

Our events are generally booked anywhere from a few weeks to a few months out but when you get an email from someone 24 hours asking if you’re still in the area and want to swing by, do you go? We looked at the calendar, we looked at the route and said “Yes, let’s do it!”


With 24 hours notice of our arrival, Kingman CrossFit rallied to show what this community is all about. We joined in for their Friday Night Lights Open WOD for 15.4.

We walked in during the end of their 4:30pm class and hear “Katie and Samantha are here!” While people expect our arrival, that feeling of people knowing who we are, never gets old or feels any less strange. At the same time, we love the excitement and it just shows from the get-go that we have a fun event on the horizon!


And a fun event it was! Everyone rallied to save the puppies and cheer one another on as we all took on 15.4.


It didn’t matter if you went Rx or if you went scaled, the room was filled with energy and excitement and cheers to shake out your arms and keep going. The sort of thing the CrossFit community is known for and the sort of thing that inspires each of us on a daily basis.


With 24 hours notice, Kingman CrossFit pulled out an amazing event to help save the puppies! We couldn’t have asked for anything more!

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