A Tabata You Can Do Too With CrossFit 1055

cf 1055

We’ve talked before about how everything in CrossFit is scale-able to your current fitness level. It’s one of the things we absolutely love about it. And while yes, CrossFit consists of a lot of barbel work, it also includes body weight movements and Sunday’s event at CrossFit 1055 was just that.

1055 tabata

One of the things that I LOVE about this workout is that it’s something you can do anywhere – at home, at the gym or on the road! All you need is a jump rope and a box. Sam and I will often use a makeshift shorter box of a curb or sturdy chair we can step onto vs jumping.


Otherwise, this a workout any of us can do. One of those no excuses deals and we love that!


So grab a friend (or 20!), find a space to workout and get to it!


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