Announcing the #50StatesPaleoChallenge!

Sam and I are big believers in fueling your body with clean, healthy foods. We eat a lot of vegetables and very little processed ingredients. We’ve seen a difference, not only in ourselves but in our families, with this change.


One of the big reasons we got the RV for the year was so we could cook for ourselves. (And of course so we also have a safe place to sleep each night.) Aside from both of us having some food intolerances to take into consideration, we know the better we eat, the better we feel and with a huge mission and undertaking presented before us, it’s imperative that we’re constantly at our best!


We realize that we’re in an interesting position this year meeting so many new people that we hope we’re able to inspire those around us. Whether that mean chasing after their own crazy dreams, maintaining an active lifestyle or choosing healthier options for meals.

People often ask us how we eat and our response is always the same “we’re Paleo based” as in  we try to eat Paleo 80-90% of the time and allow ourselves to splurge a bit more the other 10-20%. But lately we’ve been finding this harder to do and we’re both feeling and seeing the affects – in our skin, hair, bellies and overall energy so with that we want to invite you all to join us for the first ever:


We know for many this may seem intimidating but we assure you can do it! Follow our Instagram for meal ideas all week and then come back on Sundays when we share more about what we’ve been eating and a couple recipes to help! Tweet us when you need support or help deciding what to make for dinner!

We’re going to be strict about this this month – we’re 100% Paleo! We’re all in and we’re excited! We hope you’ll join us, whether you go all the way or just start implementing changes to your diet. We hope you’ll share and help inspire those in your life who need that push to eat healthier!

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