Competition Runs Deep At CrossFit Holloman

cf holloman

You’ll hear us say over and over again that every little bit helps the charity, every little bit helps save the puppies! But sometimes there are gyms that are so excited and pull out that inner competitive streak to make their way onto the Event Leaderboard – CrossFit Holloman being one of them!


This box took out all the stops! And once again, made it a day to double WOD.


Many within the group needed to complete the CrossFit Games Open workout 15.3 so they started with that and those of us who had already done it started with this 17 minute AMRAP. Many completing both by the end of the morning.


The morning was full of excitement as everyone banned together to save the puppies. We even had a few puppy visitors before the morning was over.


And once this group found out about the Leaderboard, it was game-on!


And while our morning started bright and early at a whopping 3:30am to finish the drive to the Holloman Air Force base, the excitement of this group kept us energized all morning long.


Thank you to CrossFit Holloman and congrats on making it onto the Leaderboard! 🙂


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