CrossFit Petroglyph & A Double WOD

cf petroglyph

We walked into CrossFit Petroglyph in Albuquerque Thursday night, just as the announcement for the CrossFit Open 15.3 workout had finished. We got to meet a few of the members and watch as they were the first in the gym to take on this next workout.


Friday morning would mark the start of the event as members came in to take on the 15.3 workout and of course, help save the puppies!


As we see regularly from gym to gym, members of all ages came to complete the workout and to modify to their fitness levels, including teens completing the workout right alongside their parents and grandparents.


But the big push for the day was coming later, as CrossFit Petroglyph invited other local boxes to come join for a fun partner workout.


We saw many familiar faces from earlier in the day, along with many new faces! We saved puppies, we got in a great workout and then we celebrated with a delicious potluck of paleo friendly foods!


Thank you so much to everyone at CrossFit Petroglyph who helped make it such a fun day!

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