Kicking Off The CrossFit Open At CrossFit 925

cf 925

The Open is a big deal in the CrossFit world. It’s a time where the community comes together for 5 weeks of competition and fun. For many this is strictly about having a good time and connecting with others in your community while also seeing how much you can push yourself and become a better athlete. Since this is the first year we’ve done CrossFit, it’s also the first year we’ve had the opportunity to participate in the Open and I have to admit, I’m so excited to not only participate, but that we were able to kick off the Open with a great event at CrossFit 925 in San Antonion, TX.


The first WOD of the Open (15.1/15.1a) was announced the night before and everyone was definitely excited to give it a try. You could feel the energy in the room and as we went over the WOD in detail and signed up for our heats, things really started getting exciting.


The first part was a 9 minute AMRAP (as many reps as possible) of 15 toes-to-bar (or knee raises), 10 deadlifts, and 5 snatches. There are two divisions you could sign up – RX (as prescribed) or Scaled. I went for scaled. 😉


Immediately following the 9 minute AMRAP, you had 6 minutes to establish a 1 rep max clean and jerk. This was especially fun to witness as new PRs were being set all over (and social media just continued to prove this was happening all over)!


I’m excited for the Open season that lays before us and so glad that we were able to kick it off with the crew at CrossFit 925 while raising money to get glasses for kids in need. Have fun and give back, that’s what it’s all about!

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