Paleo Challenge Recap Week 4

This is it everyone, the final recap of our Paleo Challenge. The month isn’t over just yet but after the last four weeks, hopefully you’ve had a chance to see how it doesn’t have to be too hard to eat Paleo (or following a healthier lifestyle).


We’ve both been feeling great and have continued to see how eating this way makes our bodies feel so much better and mentally puts us in a better place. While we will still allow ourselves a splurge or two from time to time, when you’re constantly traveling, you definitely have to pick and choose where those splurges are going to come into play…

Now, let’s take a look at a bit of what we we’ve been eating:


1 – This is my new breakfast favorite! Coconut cream with banana, strawberries, cinnamon and a sprinkle of hemp hearts. SO good!

2 – You’ve all seen us share our love for Manitoba Harvest hemp hearts but we also love their protein powder, especially the chocolate! It was also super convenient this week when we were sitting at Discount Tires getting our two front tires replaced. #noblowoutsplease

3 – The ever so famous in this RV veggie bowl. I believe this one has sweet potato topped with brussels sprouts and hemp hearts.

4 – While Sam doesn’t eat seafood, I LOVE it! Recently salmon was on sale at Whole Foods so we stocked up. This was very simply cooked in coconut oil with salt and pepper on a huge bed of veggies. I went for golden beets and cauliflower. It was incredible!

5 – We definitely aren’t the girls you need to remind to eat their fruit and veggies. Between kiwis, apples, oranges, carrots, celery and cucumber, we always have a fruit or veggie sliced up to eat while driving.

We honestly hope you all have found our paleo challenge inspiring and informative. We’re all about trying to help others realize that eating a healthy,  balanced diet doesn’t have to be hard or overwhelming.

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